Mobile Service Designed for Students

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Mobile Service Designed for Students

campusSIMs makes it simple for students to stay connected here in the United States. We partner with trusted brands to ensure you get the best rates and the best service possible, with easy account management and great customer support.

Through our partnership with Mint Mobile, students like you enjoy the best value in talk, text and data nationwide.

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What Can I Get with My Mint Mobile Plan?

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Get as much talk, text and data as you need while you’re in the U.S. with Mint Mobile. Buy in bulk and get even more savings!

Keep In Touch

Never go long without checking in with mom thanks to Mint Mobile's affordable international rates. And with Mint’s international roaming you can use your phone if traveling outside of the U.S.

Are You a University?

Earn some extra credit. Set international students up with the best wireless plans nationwide. Happy alumni, happy life.

Bring the best deal in wireless to your students.

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Still Have Questions? Our FAQ's:


Q: What is campusSIMs?

A: campusSIMs is dedicated to finding the best wireless deal possible for students coming to the United States. That’s why we have partnered with Mint Mobile, which offers the lowest monthly rates and data packages in wireless through their unique buy-in-bulk subscription model.

Q: How do I activate the SIM card?

A: Simply download our free Mint Mobile app from the google play or app store and follow the easy set-up instructions on the app. When you arrive in the US, simply insert the SIM card into your phone, activate via the app and you’ll be connected.

Q: How expensive is it for the students?

A: With Mint Mobile, campusSIMs gives you one of the lowest rates in wireless. Plans start at just $15.00 per month.

Q: How much data is included?

A: Students can choose the amount of data they need from 3, 8 or 12GB of data.

Q: How is the coverage at my school?

A: To check coverage in your area visit our coverage checker and enter your zip code.

Q: Do I have to sign up for a contract?

A: There is no contract required. Students can choose to sign up for a monthly plan or purchase multiple months up front to save even more. campusSIMs has no activation fee or cancelation fee!


Q: How do I get campusSIMs SIM cards to offer to my students/participants?

A: Order FREE SIMs here or simply send a request to detailing how many SIM cards you will need, where to ship them and when you would like to receive the cards.

Q: Does it cost the University anything to provide campusSIMs to their students?

A: No, campusSIMs is completely free. We provide our SIM cards to schools for free and then allow our school partners to distribute the cards to their students however they see best. Students are only charged if they decide to register for a mobile plan.

Q: How do I speak with a member of the campusSIMs team?

A: Contact a member of the campusSIMs team by emailing

Q: Do the SIM cards ever expire?

A: The SIM cards do not officially expire but plan pricing may change slightly from semester to semester. Work with your campusSIMs sales agent to determine if you will be needing new SIM cards.

Q: How do schools distribute the SIM cards to the students?

A: Most of our partner schools include our SIM cards in the student’s I-20 visa package. Students then receive the SIM card in their home country and are able to activate the card before they leave for the U.S. This allows students to immediately begin using their phones as soon as they land.